[SMART HOME] A casino hacked by an aquarium thermometer

     The CEO of the cybersecurity firm Darktrace, recently revealed to the Wall Street Journal Council Conference, the hacking of a casino by an IoT. From there, she evoked and warned against the rise of IoT hacking. Hackers got access in a fraudulent way to the casino data via a connected aquarium thermometer. The “high roll “database of the players who bet a large amounts of money has been hacked via a thermometer in an aquarium in the lobby. For safety reasons, the casino’s name has not been revealed.

According to Guillaume Poupard, the director of the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI), the Internet of Things security is today and increasingly an important challenge for the security of personal data. Furthermore, a labelling process must be implemented on all connected objects, especially in the industrial field. He also added that the evaluation of mainstream and lower-cost IoTs would be more expensive and time-consuming. Thus, lighter assessments or self-assessment would represent viable solutions for a better safety.