[SMART CITY] A hacked highway sign: “Hail Hitler” displayed

     It was around 2:30 am that a road sign from Arizona was hacked by hackers who remain unknown. They put the inscription “Hail Hitler” on the sign. The police were unable to disable the panel because the device used to operate it was password protected. Therefore, they needed a password they couldn’t identify. The authorities therefore had to call on MBC, the company that owns these signs in order to remove the message.

This is not the first time that a traffic sign has been hacked and vandalized by controversial text on major roads and highways. This increasingly common technique of influence allows disseminating political messages and reaching a wide public. Few ago, a road sign in Cobb County, Georgia, was hacked with an anti-police message including “F**k the police” and “No tears for dead cops”. In a more political context, a road sign on the intersection of Grand Avenue and Central Avenue in Chicago was hacked and modified by a propaganda message against Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, declaring “Rahm Lies, Children Die” that could alter the vote. More recently, a traffic sign was hacked with an anti-Trump message stating “I got one thing to say fu** Donald Trump bit** A** and fu** ya all for voting for that s***.” Any panel can therefore serve as a relay and cause disorder.