[SMART CITY] Copenhagen city’s bicycle sharing system hacked

     A bicycle sharing System Company has been hacked into the city of Copenhagen. It saw over 1800 bikes hit. The computer system responsible for controlling and managing the operations of the “Bycyklen” bike share system was hacked by unknown persons. They hacked into the service and prevented the use of these connected bikes for an entire night. In this city where there are more cyclists than motorists, it was difficult to find a bicycle during rush hours. Launched in April 2014, Bycyklen is a bike sharing system. Electric bikes are equipped with a GPS routing device-allowing users to book tours with their Android and iOS applications.

Today, we still do not know what vulnerability has been exploited and the hacker’s motivation. In addition, none of user data has been stolen. However, the company has been forced to update each of the bikes, therefore to delete the entire system. Although the attack has been launched against the company and not the users, the company claimed that only the users’ email addresses, phone numbers and PIN codes are stored on the server in an encrypted format. After this incident, Bycyklen prompted its users to change their passwords as quickly as possible for security reasons.