[SMART HOME] When Amazon Echo listens and shares conversations

     Amazon Echo recorded the private conversion of an American couple after sending it to a friend without both people saying the key word “Alexa”. Jeff Bezos’ firm contacted the couple after this observation. The device would have misinterpreted a phrase of the couple understanding as it was called. He understood the sentence “send the message” and therefore initiated the phrase “to whom should I send this message?” Without hearing the voice notification, Amazon Echo assigned the name of the speaker to a contact on the owner’s smartphone. According to Amazon’s explanation, the connected assistant sent the voice sample in question. Indeed, Amazon Echo allows you to send messages to your friends by voice. The device records permanently, leaving the conversations in the register of the recorded orders.

Some advice can then be useful, first, you should avoid saying the keyword “Alexa” for any occasion, so people who bear the name “Alex” or “Alexander” could be brought to know this type of bug. Second, even if this keyword can be modified, it is advised not to choose a keyword too simple, similar to a common word. Finally, it is better to consult recently the history of the recorded sentences, available from the mobile application.