[RETAIL] Point of Sale system’s compromission : 160 American restaurants targeted

  RMH Franchise Holdings revealed that a malware has been discovered on Applebee’s franchisees’ Point of Sale (PoS) systems. The company stated that the malware was designed to collect names, credit card numbers, card verification codes, etc. The incident affects more than 160 restaurants in more than 10 states. This represents almost all of the restaurants operated by RMH. In the vast majority of cases, the malware was present on PoS systems between December 6th, 2017 and January 2nd, 2018, but in a small number of restaurants, the malware was active since November 23th, 2017.

The company stated that the violation had no impact on payments made online or using paid table-top devices. This misappropriation of personal data is common in the retail sector. The most famous remains undoubtedly the Target cyberattack in December 2013. It had compromised the bank details of more than 110 million people, a third of the US population. Equifax was another major attack. 143 million of their customers’ personal data had been stolen.