[SMART HOME] Amazon’s smart key already hacked !

  Released last fall in the United States, Amazon Key is a home delivery solution. The Amazon Key system works like this: a given delivery person goes to the place indicated to him and notifies Amazon of his presence at the place of delivery. Then, Amazon sends to its customer a unique key, allowing the opening of the door through the connected lock. Once the door is closed again, the lock closes thanks to the application of the deliveryman, so the house is, in theory, secured. This equipment is controlled by a security camera: Amazon Cloud Cam.

However, according to a video broadcast on Twitter, it seems that the security of the system has been somewhat neglected. This shows how a hacker managed to bypass the door lock and enter the Amazon Key user’s home without difficulty, after the deliveryman had passed by. On this video, we can see the attacker placing a device beside the front door that he takes care to hide. After being alerted of the passage of the Amazon deliveryman, the hacker returns to the place, opens the door and recovers the package.