[HACKING] Third-party application developers read your Gmail!

    Google has announced that third party application developers can access Gmail accounts without user consent. In 2014, the Internet giant officially acknowledged that Gmail emails were being accessed and that privacy for Gmail users should not be expected. Finally, in June 2017, Google said it would stop using advertising purposes to analyze emails. The user who by logging into a private Gmail account via any third-party application would threaten his personal security, as most of them pose little or no security threat to privacy. The Wall Street Journal denounced this practice as “a common technology industry”. Google has therefore admitted that as Gmail users, you automatically allow third-party applications to read your emails.

Google defended itself by encouraging its users to review their access permissions to any foreign application and stated “nobody at Google reads your Gmail except in very specific cases where you ask us and give your consent, or when we need it for security reasons”.

Like the Facebook scandal that allowed Cambridge Analytica to collect the personal data of millions of users, Google is now affected by this phenomenon that threatens the privacy of its users. It is therefore advisable to avoid using third party applications and to make sure of requests for permissions that an application may request. It is also possible to use the “Gmail Security Check-up” to control third-party applications (connection, authorization and deletion).