Editorial N°6 – A month of cybersecurity around digital public awareness

The Monaco Security Forum is one of the October events that marked the beginning of Cybersecurity Month 2018. This event, in which digital.security participated, is a key event in the field of IT Systems Security. This exhibition was an opportunity for digital.security to present the second version of its White Paper. It presents a complete state of the art on the security of connected objects around themes related to the transversal security issues of the IoT and on the security of connected objects of everyday life, targets of cyber-attacks: from thermometers to connected pacemakers.

As every year, European Cybersecurity Month (ECSM) highlights the good security practices to be adopted and mobilizes the entire population (all experts combined and uninformed among others) around the issue of digital security. After the announcement of the global hacking of Facebook, where nearly 50 million accounts have been hacked, including French and European accounts, ESCM has just launched an awareness campaign in response around various events (workshops and conferences) throughout Europe. This month, it is above all, 4 weekly themes, about thirty entities involved in this campaign and more than 50 events spread over the French territory.

With the slogan “Digital security is everyone’s business and responsibility! “, the multiple events will aim to provide keys and means of action, but also to promote understanding of the risks, and to study the implementation of safety recommendations, around certain round tables and expert advice. Digital security is an inherent part of our daily lives, so it is necessary for everyone to have a role to play. In addition, the implementation of the GDPR last May highlighted the protection and security of personal data. In particular, citizen users were able to discover new rights while companies had to assume new responsibilities.

Also at the initiative of ESCM, ENISA, in one of its latest reports, highlighted – from a more technical point of view – the security of the Cloud and IoT. The latter report identified the security challenges and sets out the way forward to meet the new challenges ahead due to the convergence of IoT and the Cloud.

Digital security awareness also reaches larger scales, namely cities. The issue of securing smart cities remains a priority. While cities are using more and more connected equipment to improve the quality of life of their citizens (transport, adaptability, public Wi-Fi, resource optimization…), they are more prone to cyber-attacks. Synonymous with international influence, smart cities represent major security challenges. As such, the next smart cities exhibition in Barcelona, “smart city expo world congress” in November, will focus on the integration of new technologies in the cities of the future as well as on new security challenges on a city scale.

The need to raise awareness of digital security and understand its challenges is particularly acute in the face of the proliferation of connected objects and artificial intelligence. It also responds to the increased risk of cyber-attacks against digital and connected entities. Users, who are the first actors of this change, must have all the necessary keys in hand to deal with the threat affecting the Internet of Things.