[CONNECTED CAR] “Awkward” hackers manage to steal a Tesla Model S

The English owner of a Tesla Model S posted a video on YouTube featuring two thieves who managed to get behind the handwheel of the vehicle. Using a smartphone and a tablet, the two hackers were able to extend the reach of the Tesla owner’s key while it was in the house. The biggest problem in this flight was for the kidnappers to understand how to remove the charging cable from the Tesla! Once the robbery was committed, they immediately deactivated the remote access mode, preventing the victim and the police from being able to find them.

The fault is still attributable to the driver, who admitted that he did not take all the precautions proposed by Tesla, by choosing not to activate the “PIN to drive” function, which requires entering a code on the car’s display in order to start. The second protection he could have used is to disable the “passive entry” mode, which opens the car doors as soon as the key approaches them. For maximum security, the now former owner of this Model S could also have put his key in a protection that acts as a Faraday cage, to prevent the emission of waves.