[SMART HOME] Amazon Echo malfunctions deeply undermines the reputation of the brand

At the end of October, Amazon’s connected speakers – a voice service in the Cloud that allows you to play music, make calls or check the status of road traffic – were no longer responding. This dysfunction has impacted United States and Europe (England and Germany). Instead of working properly, Alexa, Amazon’s artificial intelligence, replied: “Sorry, I don’t understand your request, please try again later“. According to the Down Detector site, 59% of the users could not connect to the servers when 33% reported that they could not enter their credentials. The Amazon Echo malfunctions lasted for 24 hours. The most recent versions have been affected.

This is not the first time Amazon Echo’s services malfunctioned. In June 2018, Amazon Echo’s services were interrupted for six days. In September 2018, English consumers were no longer able to use their speakers. The failure came from servers based in Ireland. These many disappointments could damage the image of the Amazon brand. As a reminder, Google had also encountered similar technical problems: the Google Home Mini assistant was unable to answer users’ questions for a day. The Google failure had affected the whole world.