[IOT MALWARE] Malware targeting smart devices increased by 72% in the 3rd quarter of 2018

According to McAfee Labs, the number of malware specifically targeting smart devices increased significantly during the third quarter of 2018. Indeed, according to a report published on December 19, 2018, McAfee indicates that the volume of new IoT malware increased by 73%  in 2018. For example, many attackers have reused pieces of Mirai code to design new malware that can infect many devices. This was the case with IoT Reaper malware, which reuses most of Mirai’s source code or other malware such as NewAidra (October 2016) or Persirai (May 2017). The attackers also add new components to Mirai’s source code, making the new malware more complex. “. Malware creators have not hesitated to improve Mirai’s infection methods. “On 40 exploits integrated into Mirai variants, two 0day vulnerabilities were discovered as well as about twenty exploits that required no authentication to work,” said Fortinet researcher Rommel Joven at the botconf conference. “Traditionally, botnets derived from Mirai were used for DDoS attacks. But in recent years, we have seen creators experiment with new methods of monetizing their botnets,” explains the Fortinet researcher.