[ARMAMENT] U.S. Department of Defense report reveals significant security breaches in ballistic missiles systems

A security audit of the US Ballistic Missile Defence System (BMDS) conducted by the Inspector General of the US Department of Defense  revealed the poor cyber security practices used to protect these critical networks. A report was issued in April after the Inspector General of the Department of Defense randomly inspected five locations where ballistic missiles systems had been placed by the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) to intercept enemy nuclear rockets in the event of an attack. Subsequently, a report was published attesting to the lack of security of ballistic missiles, used as a means of defence in the event of a nuclear attack on American territory. Several critical vulnerabilities have been discovered, such as the lack of an intrusion detection system or the absence of encryption and multifactor authentication mechanisms. Added to the unencrypted data and almost non-existent physical security checks is the presence of unpatched vulnerabilities dating back to 1990… The report concludes that “the army, navy and MDA have not protected the networks and systems that process, store and transmit BMDS technical information”.