[SMART HOME] Netatmo: A failure of the servers controlling smart thermostats, causes a cold snap for customers

On December 22nd, the French company Netatmo, specialized in smart devices for home automation, suffered a failure on its servers controlling smart thermostats. The smartphone application allowing remote control of the thermostat, had become inaccessible. Several users complained on social networks about their inability to use their connected thermostats, for example to control the temperature. Some users were even freezing !  Users agreed on the lack of resilience of their smart thermostats. Netatmo reacted by saying that even if the application stopped working, it was possible to set your thermostat…manually. “In the event of an Internet outage at home or an incident on our servers, it is always possible to control the thermostat manually. The heating schedule also continues to work. Only access to the application becomes unavailable,” the company writes to its customers. In this case, the Netatmo thermostat “starts working as a trivial thermostat“. Following this failure, Netatmo indicated in a press release that it would redefine its documentation so that users would be aware to maintain control over its equipment manually.