[SMART HOME] Germany: Amazon mistakenly sends conversation recordings to the wrong user

A German Amazon Echo user had made a request for his saved personal data. He had no idea he was going to receive 1700 records belonging to another user… The user first contacted Amazon to notify them. Without any response from them, he decided to alert the press in order to raise public awareness of this type of abuse. Amazon subsequently apologized and stated that this problem was a human error and the situation had been “quickly restored”. This incident highlights Amazon’s lack of seriousness in its data retention policy. In addition, the American firm was unable to manage this problem of data exchange since it remained silent on its client’s requests. It took the intervention of journalists to regularize the situation. Unfortunately, this is not the first time Amazon has been involved in this type of case. On May 25, 2018, an American couple noticed that one of their conversations had been sent to a friend. Added to the regular malfunctions of these speakers (children – and even a parrot – had been able to interact with the voice assistant), the manufacturers of these speakers should completely improve the security of their devices.