[AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY] Each month, 300 000 hacking attempts target smart vehicles industry

Karamba Security, an Israeli-American supplier of automotive security solutions, reveals in a study that connected and autonomous vehicles are highly exposed to hacking due to many vulnerabilities of these vehicles.  Through its ThreatHive tool, Karamba Security reportedly detected nearly 300,000 monthly cyber attacks. Karamba continuously collects threat data to identify vehicle security vulnerabilities. Most attacks are carried out by robots looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. The most common attacks are carried out against the Telnet port (we remember the attack on Volkswagen’s Golf models in April 2018), those targeting open SSH ports (Japanese brand Subaru car in March 2018) and those directly using the HTTP protocol (autonomous cars from the manufacturer Tesla in 2017).  The ThreatHive tool will be installed on pilot vehicles to allow manufacturers to consider security risks through the reception of security data in order to patch potential vulnerabilities before attackers could attack them.