[FREAK] Cyberattack: two pirated cable cars

     The security company FireEye has reported several cyber-attacks against cable car operators in Austria and Russia. In addition to access to critical data, the attackers were able to access control of the targeted cable cars. According to a report by network security specialist FireEye, several cable car operators have been victims of ransomware such as the Moscow Ropeway Operating Company (MKD). She reportedly received emails indicating, “Critical files hosted on the company’s central server have been encrypted“. The hackers requested payment in bitcoin, and the amount of payment depended on the company’s ability to decrypt the encrypted data. This attack echoed the attack on a cable car in Austria. These phenomena, which are increasing in number, testify to a certain seriousness giving the attackers the possibility of taking full control of the targeted cable car. The control systems in question ensure the safety of passenger and freight transport in real time. A loss of control leads to risks for users and considerable losses.