[SMART HOME] Insulted through a hacked Nest camera….

    A Nest security camera, hacked by hackers who took control of it, insulted a family from Illinois (USA). The young parents heard the sound of a virile voice in their home from NestSecure. While this alarm is supposed to secure homes, hackers have managed to seize the connected alarm to make fun of the family for racist remarks. In addition, the hackers increased the thermostat of the home through the alarm. In response to this cyber-attack, the family quickly disconnected the affected devices, called the authorities and contacted Nest. A spokesperson for the Mountain View firm explained the problem by the fact that the initial password had not been changed and that the family had used a compromised password. He recalled that Nest “takes home security extremely seriously, and actively introduces features that will reject compromised passwords, allow customers to monitor access to their accounts and track external entities that abuse their credentials“.

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