[AWARENESS] “Clean Desk” and safety policy

“For World Desktop Tidying Day, in March 21, 2019, digital.security offers some good practices for a clean desk that resists attackers”

     It is not only in cyberspace that attackers are on the lookout for the slightest confidential information. In view of March 21, it is important to remember that IT security is also physical and that employees’ offices may contain sensitive data. Indeed, the office is also a workstation that includes sensitive data and attackers who could break into the premises would risk access to it. Employees are tempted to write appointments on a post-it notebook, list current and upcoming missions or write the number of an important client.
The practice of the clean desk is therefore a major habit that every employee of a company must respect. The rigour established in securing a virtual workstation must also apply to the office in open spaces. A tidy office is a secure office, both during off-peak hours (lunch…) and at the end of the working day.

      However, the clean desk policy must be implemented by the company in question and taught to employees beforehand. All employees must be regularly made aware of the importance of access to information through awareness campaigns and/or information sessions on information security and privacy. Attackers can find strategic information and compromise a company’s activity. Compliance with the clean desk and security policies are therefore more than necessary in securing its various workstations. Thus, each employee plays a crucial role within a company to prevent any illegal access to sensitive information.