[FREAK] A connected sport shoe exploded revealing the limits of the Internet of Things

   A few weeks ago, Zion Williamson, the best hope for American college basketball, was barely 30 seconds in a game against the University of North Carolina team when his left connected basketball (Nike PG 2.5 model) exploded. Williamson was not seriously injured, but suffered a minor knee sprain and had to refrain for the rest of the game.  The Nike PG 2.5 basketball is a basketball that closes itself, modelled on the one worn by Marty McFly in “Back to the Future II” which can be controlled via an Android or iPhone application. The incident was embarrassing for Nike and briefly caused the value of the company’s shares to drop to nearly $1.12 billion on the stock market, but more importantly, it highlighted the risks posed by the Internet of Things, when they are not well designed and secure.