[SMART HOME] Discovery of a security flaw in a Ring intercom

Security researchers at Dojo by BullGuard have discovered a security breach in a connected intercom, the Doorbel, produced by the manufacturer Ring. This intercom is equipped with sensors and a surveillance camera to see the person in front of your home. Using the VideoSnarf security assessment tool, they discovered that audio and video transmissions could be exposed to attackers. These transmissions are not encrypted when transmitted, making it easy to intercept them. A hacker could also spy on the owners of the targeted house, or even be able to inject content into the device like fake images, and thus “convince” the owner to open the door and let people in (burglars for example). “Ring is a very well-known brand, but the vulnerability we discovered in the intercom reveals that even highly secure devices are vulnerable to attacks,” said Yossi Atias, general manager of Dojo by BullGuard, in a statement. However, this is not the first time Ring has been singled out for its lack of security. In May 2018, security researchers had already revealed a major security breach on its Doorbell bell.