[SMART HOME] Is Amazon spying on us with his connected speaker Alexa?

     The American financial news agency “Bloomberg Technology” recently revealed that Amazon’s voice assistant was transmitting some of its users’ conversations to employees. In the heart of the home since last year, Amazon’s voice assistant is expected to answer questions from its owners and control other connected objects in the house. According to a Bloomberg Technology survey, “thousands of Amazon employees are responsible for listening to some of the speaker users’ discussions to improve the assistant’s speech recognition. These analysts would therefore be responsible for listening to thousands of sound clips nine hours a day to “better understand our language“. According to digital.security CERT director Thomas Gayet, it is not surprising to see Amazon asking for human attention to these conversations.

However, “intellectually, the user wants a machine to listen to his voice, not necessarily a human being“. The user would therefore have the possibility to disable this recording option in the privacy settings of his application. However, this action highlights the notion of privacy and trust that can be placed in the Net Giants. However, the GDPR must require companies to notify their users of this collection of information. In response, Amazon responded that the data was used to “train these systems” and that employees do not have direct access to “information that would allow them to identify a person or an account“. In addition, the information would be “treated with the utmost confidentiality“.