[WATCH] When Shodan Monitor allows you to monitor your connected objects

       The Shodan IoT search engine recently launched a new service. “Shodan Monitor” has been designed to help organizations keep track of systems connected to the Internet, i. e. connected objects. Shodan Monitor is an important tool for organizations that will be able to determine their attack surface by evaluating their systems exposed to the Internet. Users will be able to “run scans and receive notifications” in real time whenever a new device is detected. This will allow them to keep track of the devices they will be exposing to the Internet. Note that usually Shodan is a powerful tool to discover resources exposed online and potentially open to cyber-attacks. Shodan can be integrated with various tools, including Nmap, Metasploit, Maltego and FOCA. Shodan Monitor is highly scalable and companies can monitor up to millions of IP addresses. In addition, this new service allows users to monitor their own network and find their devices on the Internet. Finally, this service is accessible via the Shodan API and the command line interface.