[LABEL IOT] digital.security launches the first European label for the Internet of Things

    IQS, for “IoT Qualified as Secured“, is the name of the first European label of digitial.security dedicated to the IoT and its actors. The IoT labelling program will allow Internet of Things manufacturers to have their IoT solutions verified by an independent third party. A subsidiary of the Econocom group, digital.security is the first European CERT dedicated to the security of connected objects. In addition, it offers companies and administrations advanced audit and consulting services.

Announced on June 20, 2019, the “IQS” labeling program is designed for users and is a reliable and independent indicator, but also a guarantee of safety for future adopters, users, whether they are companies or private individuals. IQS is applicable to all economic sectors and is based on a reference framework made up of national and international security standards, good “security hygiene” practices and requirements derived from digital.security’s experience. 

IQS therefore consists of a platform for assessing the security of connected objects: “EvalUbik” which, as its name suggests, will make it possible to test connected objects in a configurable and controlled operating condition. This label will be awarded for two years to IoT solutions (objects and associated services) that comply with a set of published security requirements. They will vary between 25 and 30 depending on the level of labelling. The security requirements framework adapted to the IoT will cover the following topics, namely, Protection of data exchanges (PED), Protection of technical platforms (PTP), Protection of data access (PDA) and Traceability (TRA).

To conclude, Jean-Claude Tapia, CEO of digital.security, added that “In a global market where the emphasis is more on time-to-market than carefully controlled development, we believed that it was essential to create the first label certifying the security of connected objects, revolutionising the way in which economic and social stakeholders interact with one another.Our aim in launching the IQS label – the first certification system for the IoT – is to come to the aid of all stakeholders and provide this digital revolution with long-term support”.