[UAV] Amazon introduces a new generation drone for delivery service

       At its latest Re: March conference in Las Vegas, retail giant Amazon presented a new drone that will be used by its Prime Air department. He will be able to deliver packages in less than 30 minutes. This delivery service has undergone many experiments in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States. This drone named MK27 is autonomous and is more robust than the previous models. In particular, the rotors were covered to prevent injuries. At the speed of a helicopter, it has six degrees of movement combined with six rotors that make it easier to fly.

It also has thermal, depth and sonar cameras to avoid hazards. Some sensors detect obstacles, while others detect moving objects around them, such as birds. The Amazon Prime Air UAV can therefore cover 24 kilometers and carry 2.27 kg. To be able to land in a free zone (without animals, without obstacles, without humans), the drone uses machine learning algorithms. Amazon recently confirmed that this electric drone would allow it to “halve the carbon emissions of its deliveries by 2030“. In addition, customers will no longer have to travel to pick up their packages.