[IOT CHIP] A chip dedicated to IoT presented by Sony

       The Japanese company Sony is very active in the development and use of the Internet of Things in its technologies. This is why Sony recently unveiled a chip dedicated to IoT with a range of 96 kilometers. The CXM1501GR chip will enable information to be sent on the LPWA ELTRES network, a new Low Power Wide Area wireless communication standard adapted to IoT networks. This LPWA uses the 920 MHz frequency bands (923.6 MHz to 928 MHz). This network allows robust long-distance communication, high-speed mobility and low energy communication. This communication module is equipped with an LSI transmitter. It transmits data packets of 16 bytes per minute to the GNSS LSI receiver, a satellite positioning system.

The latter can be used in cities and for connected objects that move quickly like drones. Sony highlighted various uses such as “easily finding friends on a ski slope“, “scientifically tracking underwater animals or in large areas such as the Amazon“. In addition, a car rental company to locate vehicles in service could use it. This chip is only used in Japan, but its usefulness could well extend internationally, targeting in the first place, the field of delivery (fleet location…). The IoT chip will be available for sale from June 2019 at a price of  41 euros.