[MALWARE] Silex malware attacks the Internet of Things devices

       The new Silex malware bricked more than 2000 IoT devices by deleting the firmware. Larry Cashdollar, a researcher at Akamai, discovered this malware. According to the latter, Silex destroys the storage of an IoT device; deletes firewall rules, deletes the network configuration and stops the device. To prevent this malware, users must manually reinstall the device’s firmware. This task would be too complicated for an uninformed user. The malware uses the known default credentials of IoT devices to connect and destroy the system. This malware targets any Unix-type system with default login credentials. Larry Cashdollar added, “the binary file I captured targets ARM devices. I noticed that he also had a downloadable version of the Bash shell, which would target all architectures running a Unix-like operating system”. In addition, his statements mean that Silex will eliminate Linux servers if they have open Telnet ports and are secured with poor or widely used credentials. The Silex malware comes from the old BrickerBot strain, active between April and December 2017. The latter had touched more than ten million IoT devices.