[IOT MALWARE] Samsung asks users to scan their smart TV for malware

        In a recent tweet, Samsung urged Samsung Smart TV owners to regularly check for the presence of malware using the virus scanning software already integrated. As a result, Samsung TV owners began to wonder why the company had chosen to display this tweet and why Samsung had not automated the scanning process in its Smart TVs. Some even wonder if there is not a new threat targeting Samsung smart TVs. Even if a user thinks that their smart TV is not vulnerable to malware attacks, it is their responsibility to make it safe enough to use in your home environment. Indeed, if the TV is connected to the user’s Wi-Fi network, it can become a target for a criminal and the consequences could be more serious than the loss of access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other similar intelligent TV applications. The television could be hacked to spy on the conversations of Smart TV owners, as these devices contain microphones that pose a serious risk to privacy if they are hacked.