[SMART HOME] Ensure the IoT: When HomeServe and Leroy Merlin support their customers in the installation and use of their connected objects

       The Leroy Merlin brand has set up insurance for its Smart Home offer and its connected objects. According to Pierre-Yves Hadengue, IoT and Enki manager at Leroy Merlin, this insurance would be “necessary to provide users with a useful service“. Since June 2018, the brand’s subscription has offered a “Zen & Connected” subscription that guarantees breakages and breakdowns and also includes insurance for the 200 devices compatible with its Enki box. In May 2019, this initiative was taken over by Homeserve, a specialist in home assistance services. The latter proposed an intuitive guide in the use of connected objects. It should be noted that according to a study carried out last January by the CSA Institute for its company, “18% of households equipped with connected objects experienced a failure on their products during the year 2018“.

The services offered by Leroy Merlin and HomeServe offer telephone assistance for the installation or troubleshooting of connected objects. Compensation is provided for unresolved problems. These offers also provide customers with assistance with device configuration. Leroy Merlin therefore relies on Opteven (mechanical guarantee and assistance) to guarantee its service offer. The two companies therefore intend to support their customers in the implementation of connected objects in their homes. A customer who is reassured about the newness of the products is a customer who buys more easily, according to Leroy Merlin and HomeServe.