[NORMS] IoT standardization: The United States is positioning itself

     The co-presidents of the US High Technology Chair have set themselves the goal of increasing US influence with international standardization for IoT. The project, called “The IoT Standards Leadership Act“, was presented by Doris Matsui, Democrat representative of the 6th District of California and Mickael McCaul, Republican representative of the 10th District of Texas on July 17, to the House of Representatives. The purpose of this project is to support US participation in the development of international standards for connected objects and to “promote US security, interoperability and leadership in a multi-stakeholder and consensual approach“. The interests are multiple but mainly economic and security. The United States therefore wants to become a leader in cybersecurity and IoT networks. The themes will focus on companies and their implications in IoT standards as well as on countries’ efforts to create technologies outside global standards. It should be noted that the main purpose of this legislation would  be to “discourage the creation of country-specific standards”.