[SCADA] Omniksol photovoltaic inverters are vulnerable to cyberattacks

Secura, an expert in the field of security of so-called critical systems, has just released a study on the discovery of vulnerabilities specifically targeting a component of the industrial sector: the Omnik photovoltaic inverter. An inverter is used to transform direct-type electrical energy produced by a solar panel into alternating current. This technology is very present in most industrial systems. However, the component in question has many vulnerabilities. Research conducted by Secura shows that modifying the Omnik inverter’s firmware could result in the equipment being remotely located to affect the stability of the electrical grid. An attacker could attempt to control the inverter’s output power to cause a decrease in overall power supply or to inject excessive power to amplify unwanted grid states. Nevertheless, such an attack is difficult to implement because the criteria for success are so high: it would require a significant degree of penetration of the sun into the sources of electricity production. Widely used in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, these Omnik brand inverters have vulnerabilities that allow massive attacks on an intelligent electrical grid.