[SECURITY] The publication of an internal note denounces measures that neglect cybersecurity within the White House

The Axios information site recently published a memo written by Dimitrios Vastakis, senior member of the White House cybersecurity staff, that reveals internal turmoil over the status of the House’s cybersecurity arm. The note, which is initially aimed at announcing the author’s resignation, strongly condemns the measures recently by the Trump administration against the service. The OCISO (Office of the Chief Information Security Officer), which was created in 2014 by Obama, was placed in July 2019 under the responsibility of the Information Office. According to Vastakis, this move seriously undermines the threat-prevention work carried out by the office. The dozen resignations and layoffs that followed Trump’s election give credibility to Vastakis’ claim. While the Ociso has done a lot to secure the White House’s IT systems according to its former director, the new president’s negligence is manifested in several ways: reduction in the scope of assigned missions, suspension of access to certain buildings, suppression of strategic posts, etc. Vastikis expresses his concerns about the danger to which these measures expose the White House, whose defence capabilities are reduced in the event of a cyberattack as a result.