[APP] An application capable of blocking the data collection of connected objects

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed an application that can locate connected objects in the vicinity, find out what data they are collecting and stop that collection. The IoT Assistant application gives users some control over the information collected by the Internet of Things. This application is able to indicate what type of data is being collected, whether it is images or a location. In addition, the researchers have developed a platform that allows companies and administrations to declare the characteristics and location of each type of connected object themselves. “IoT Assistant is only available in the United States on Android and iOS. The connected objects concerned are also those located in the public space (advertising screens, terminals, etc.).

If the application detects a connected device nearby, it provides a detailed sheet of characteristics such as name and manufacturer. Above all, the application indicates the type of data collected, “the measures taken by the manufacturer to protect privacy, why the data is collected, how long the data is collected, and finally, who has access to this data“. If the user cannot stop the data collection from the application, then he can do so from a web page that automates requests provided for by laws such as the GDPR and demand a total withdrawal of his data.