Subscription to the Internet of Things Security Observatory

Produced by the CERT monitoring service, the Internet of Things Security Observatory (OSIDO) combines the expertise of our cyber intelligence analysts, experienced to carry out a technological watch on a fast-changing environment, our technical experts, spearheads of our IoT security laboratory and’s consultants, senior experts who are recognized in the field of Information Systems Security.

The subscription includes:

  • Unlimited access to all contents of;
  • A monthly mailing of the OSIDO magazine in PDF;
  • An unlimited access to the IoT security hotline, carried out by’s experts. offers a watch dedicated to the IoT security through the following orientations:

  • Technological, normative and legal news

Topics are carefully selected to be representative of the security trends of the period. Indeed, they draw attention to the most relevant news about IoT security discovered during our daily monitoring.

  • Risk Barometer

Our analysts conduct open, semi-open and closed source (industrial, cybercrime forums, etc.) monitoring to identify upcoming attacks and new cybercriminals’ operating methods on smart devices, materialized in the form of a risk barometer.

  • Laws, regulations and jurisprudence

IoT regulation, fair data collection, respect for privacy… Thanks to our partnership with the Mathias’ law firm, the rights, norms and jurisprudence related to the IoT are monitored and analyzed in order to integrate good practices as a priority in any decision making on IoT use or supply.

  • Security vulnerabilities assessment for IoT

A wide variety of new operating systems and software components are used within smart devices. CERT-DS’ vulnerability monitoring thus precisely targets these new components in order to allow the tracking of security vulnerabilities and associated solutions.

  • Synthesis on smart cities international development

Smart cities focus dealing with the IoT development within international metropolitan areas allow to discover new niche markets for smart devices, particularly in developing countries. We also draw attention to the risks associated with cybercrime in the countries studied.

  • Scientific and technical articles on IoT security

Each month, a new scientific or technical article on a particular theme of the Internet of Things security is introduced: Security of IoT protocols and platform studies, specific sectorial vulnerabilities, hacks reviews, etc.

All the monitoring offered is available as a subscription for companies and institutions concerned by IoT security, starting at €490 per year.

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